Paris Stories & Live Auction

paris stories & facebook live auction

this is the rick beerhorst painting available for auction

I have begun a new ritual of going live on Facebook during the week Tuesday through Thursday. I am doing two basic things; I am sharing my experience of living in Paris through story telling and I am also making a new painting available for auction that is in a way tangible fruit of living in the City of Love.

this is a detail of the painting currently available for auction

I believe it is really important for me to share the stories as a way to build context around these paintings so that my audience can go deeper into what these paintings actually are. These particular works of art are the corporeal results of a man building an intimate relationship to a place, in this case, the great city of Paris.

If you would like to participate in this opportunity to become the proud owner of your very own Rick Beerhorst original oil painting all you need to do is go to the Rick Beerhorst Art Work Facebook page and make a bid. It’s really just that easy.

Veronique Cauchefer