I have been recording my thoughts and observations into journals for the past 35 years. I have found that when I take the time to process my life experiences by writing about them, my experiences take on more vivid color, more harmonious sound, more delicious smells and more meaningful lessons. My blog is the place where I choose some of this personal material to make it public and when I do this we begin a conversation. The blog is my invitation for you to walk a path less traveled with me.

painting by French contemporary artist Veronique Cauchefer

Veronique Cauchefer

Meet contemporary French artist Veronique who with her own pallet of strong colours and a dream like flow of images in a style truly her own.

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blog_i realised a new song

I released a new song!

Gonna crack the bell You can stream it on all streaming services, for example on Spotify: I also did a un-plugged version of this song!

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Painting on location

I have been taking every possible opportunity to paint and draw my new home here in Paris France. I built a shallow wooden box off

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