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Hello everyone,  
My name is Rick Beerhorst. I am a fulltime painter and musician from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. I’m living in Tuscany.

On this page you will find all the information about me, my art and my music. You can shop my art, listen to my music, read my thoughts on my blog and maybe even get inspired, too!


“Art is the place where the visible and the invisible meet.” 
Below you can meet some of my art.

Highligthed artwork that you can purchase directly from me

merch & apparel

Lots of paintings, drawings and cuts are available on my Etsy

T-shirts, tote bags and more are available via my Teespring shop

On my bigcartel shop you can find some more small prints, cuts and collages.


O´l Paris Town is out now!

My new album is here. It´s called O´l Paris Town and you can listen to it here:

special Deals

To celebrate the releasae of my new album I put it on sale: You can support me by buying it directly from me below.
If you buy one of my watercolor paintings from the Paris series you also will receive a coupon that gets you the album for free!


I love connecting with people. Maybe I can do something for you?



Stop putting off the life you really want. Let´s beginn building the future you want.

a portrait

Get your very own Rick Beerhorst portrait.


my thoughts and observations

My blog is the place where I choose some of this personal material to make it public and when I do this we begin a conversation.

painting by French contemporary artist Veronique Cauchefer

Veronique Cauchefer

Meet contemporary French artist Veronique who with her own pallet of strong colours and a dream like flow of images in a style truly her own.

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