This is what starting my life over at 60 in the city of love sounds like

rickbeerhorst_olparistown_cover design by Greymatter Group

Well say good bye, it’s Independence Day. It’s Independence Day, all boys must run away.

- Bruce Springsteen

In November of 2019 I destroyed 90% of my artwork, sold my car, and then I dropped off what belongings I had left at the local Goodwill. December 2nd I boarded a plane outta Grand Rapids Michigan for Paris France where I knew exactly no one. I had everything I owned packed into one medium sized duffle bag and just a handful of phrases that I remembered from my high school French class.

This collection of songs I’ve titled O’l Paris Town tells the story of what it’s been like to start life over at 60 years old in a city steeped in romance, art. These songs where all recorded in GarageBand on an iPhone 8 using the standard Apple earbud microphone. I sent the files on to Markus Beer at Zeigel Records in Landshut Germany where proceeded to polish the tracks just enough to make them radio ready but being careful to keep the stripped down sound that we both felt was an essential to the sound that just felt right for this record.

Have a listen:

rickbeerhorst_olparistown_cover design by Greymatter Group

Veronique Cauchefer