Why I Left My Paris Art Gallery And Reopened My Etsy Shop

At the end of May I decided to leave the gallery I had been associated with here in Paris after a year trial period. Though I remain grateful for the role that they played in providing me with my first exhibition here in the city I found that we did not share enough compatibility to create a sustainable relationship.

So this is really an exciting time for me as I have reopened my Etsy shop after a two year break. I come to this rebooting of my online store with over ten years experience with Etsy which includes a short documentary about our family that Etsy made in 2011 when they sent one of their videographers from Brooklyn New York to Grand Rapids MichiganĀ  to film us in our exotic micro-urban farm and our Wonder Wagon.

It means a lot to me when I can package up a piece of art, walk it down to the post office and ship it out to one of you in my community. It’s that sweet feeling of have found my way into why I am here in the first place. I have come to Paris to expand my awareness. I knew I had to leave my home town, not because I didn’t like it there but because I felt a sort of wild call for a larger adventure that I knew I had to go somewhere far away to find.

Thank you for following along with me. I know that as I share what I am learning with you I am taking these lessons into my experience in a deeper way that had I just kept the stor to myself;

Veronique Cauchefer